Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stolen Child - A Book Review

Today, I am delighted to share the second book, of Kimberly Rae's 3 part series on human trafficking, "Stolen Child: Do You Know Who You Are?"

Stolen Child was released in December 2011, but between pregnancy and new babies arriving for each of us, Mary Beth and I have just now had the chance to enjoy reading the sequel to Stolen Woman.  If you haven't read Stolen Woman yet, I highly suggest you do.  You can read our review on that book here.

Stolen Child is just as exciting, adventurous, romantic and heart gripping as the first book.  Again, it was a book I could barely put down.  Each chapter drew you further into the story and the excitement.  You'll travel with Asha, back to Bangladesh, where she searches for the truth of her birth family.  What she finds will surprise and shock you.  I of course, loved the ever deepening love story of Asha and Mark.  I don't want to spoil any of it, but boy is it exciting and romantic!

But Kimberly's real mission and passion behind the story of Stolen Child is awareness of human trafficking. In Stolen Woman, we see the older, adult, woman side of human trafficking.  In stolen child, our eyes are opened to the horrifying, gut wrenching nightmare of children....babies being trafficked.  There was one chapter near the end, that absolutely brought me to tears.  I was half sick to my stomach at the realization that this is such a reality.

If you follow along with WAR International, they are are currently fasting and praying for the rescue of baby Sweetie, who is a real life baby that is tied to pole near a filthy sewer, full or rats and used condoms.   The goal of her enslavement is to make sure that she never knows love, so it will be easier for her to serve in prostitution.  My mind still has a difficult time believing that there are really humans out there that can treat a small and helpless child so cruelly.   Kimberly does a fantastic job in her book, presenting the reality of the issue, and placing the burden on our hearts to pray and do what we can to make people aware and stop human trafficking.

If you loved Stolen Woman, you will absolutely love reading Stolen Child!  It's available for purchase through and it's also available on Kindle for an amazing price!

We thank Kimberly again for sharing her amazing book with us and giving us the opportunity to share with you, our thoughts on her story and how it's changing our hearts and lives.    We know it will touch your life as well, when you read it.