Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stolen Woman - A Book Review

A few months ago, author Kimberly Rae, contacted us after seeing some of our Women At Risk posts.  She wondered if she could send us her new book Stolen Woman that was releasing soon, and if we would be willing to read it and do a review of it.  We said, "Ummm.... YEAH!!!!"

Mary Beth was the first to receive the book and read it.  I believe she said she read it in 6 hours!  Wow!  I couldn't wait to start.

I was intrigued from the beginning.  Excitement, adventure,suspense and romance awaited on every page and chapter.  Exactly the kind of book I like.  It is certainly a book that is hard to put down.

Not only does Kimberly do a fantastic job of drawing of you into the story, but I learned so much about the culture of India as well through the book.  Kimberly spent quite a bit of her life overseas, so she writes from an insiders perspective on the country.

But the best part of the book, is that it isn't just written as a purely entertaining novel; it has a purpose.  Nestled in the pages of this novel of romance and suspense, is the story of a trafficked 16-year old girl, Rani, that the main character, Asha befriends.  I felt Asha's passion on the issue of human trafficking, and understood her heart, as she was willing to risk it all to help save this woman, trapped in a world of evil.

For many, human trafficking is something they have never heard of, or realized the severity of.  Perhaps you weren't aware of how close the situation lurks in your own backyard.  Reading this book, puts you front and center in the story of one woman's nightmare and another woman's passion to help her escape.  It will show you what a scary and real world it really is.  But it also reminds us that even if we can't take these woman by the hand and lead them out ourselves, there are still many ways that God can use us.

You can purchase Stolen Woman on, and it's also available to Kindle readers.  For more information, check out Kimberly's website.

I also came across this great interview of Kimberly Rae.  I love seeing that there are other work-at-home moms too, with small children running around the feet, distracting them, and how they strive to find that balance of work and family. To learn more about the author, Kimberly, you can also visit her personal blog.

I really enjoyed reading Stolen Woman.  Not only was I entertained and gained more knowledge of another country and culture, but I became more aware of human trafficking.  It deepened my own passion to help woman and children enslaved in a world of sin.

Stolen Woman is a 3 part series.  I  can NOT wait until part 2 is out!!!  I may be the first one in line to purchase it.  Thanks so much for using your God-given writing skills, Kimberly, to write a truly wonderful book, that will make a difference for His Kingdom.


Kimberly Rae said... [Reply]

Thanks for the great review ya'll! Last night I got together with some people from Calvary Baptist in Sandusky and was told that one of you was Faith Hixson's daugter's roomie in college. Small world!!