Thursday, March 29, 2012

WAR Int'l // enslaved baby, prayers needed

So it's been awhile since we've posted anything on Women At Risk, International (The organization that rescues women and children from human trafficking and sexual slavery that we have such a burden for), and we have a very heart-wrenching story to share with you today! Your prayers are needed!!!

Here is a letter from Becky MacDonald, founder and president of WAR Int'l:

Some of you have been following my emails about the baby in captivity in South Asia.  On this circle tour, we learned from WAR partners about a baby being raised in the red light district.  She was placed in a box and is not allowed to be held so that she will "grow up to be a prostitute" and not expect normal affection.  Her mommy is also in captivity and bought and sold between different areas of the country so that she is constantly in a state of upheavel.  Her baby is owned along with her.  They call her "Sweetie" because she is fair of skin.  The red light districts of the world are very racist.  The whiter the skin, the higher the price on the market. 

My partners have been going to a red light district where no others are allowed in.  You have to get there by crossing a bridge and no one is allowed across the bridge that isn't "buying".  With the amazing blessing of a brothel there, they led 9 women to Christ (told you that before) but there is an infant baby there named "Sweetie".  Sweetie is a newborn that is chained and put in a box and not allowed to be held because it is being raised to be a prostitute.  They want no touch so she'll learn to be accustomed to a lack of love.  The brothel owner allows our team to rock her when they come.  So we have all been praying over her frantically while we rock and while they rent a "room for sex" but use it for a Bible study with the owners permission.  No other groups are allowed in the brothel.  The mom (a trapped prostitute scared to death of the owner) came to them today (putting herself at risk) and showed them "Sweetie" all black and blue from a beating because she cried.  They asked the owner if they could take the baby and she said, "no she should not become a Christian".

I was approaching another org to do a "rescue"...but now my partners are afraid they will be exposed as behind the rescue and want to halt the rescue or know what to do.  Sigh..........I asked if the mom would ever be allowed (not likely) to take a visit with the baby outside the brothel and "disappear".  We could get her to my partner in a neighboring country safe so complicated.  Makes me want to scream, spit, and go blind.  I'm just so sad.  I don't know where else to turn.  I keep trying things only to be "put on hold" due to the serious danger and exposure that our partners will be blamed.  We have to step back and reconsider our options.  This is a true statement and a truely dangerous situation.  
I tell God "this is now Your problem...You are a Father to the fatherless...You have to be true to Your name and hear the cry of Sweetie AND her mommy....not much more than a child herself."   As I prayed, "Okay's all up to You"....I suddenly heard myself.  Then I repented, because it was always God's problem.  It's not like God needs me and my it was ever anything but up to Him.  I just want to be His hands, His feet, His tender arms of love to rock a baby that deserves to grow up and be all God created her to be. 
Meanwhile...I got a picture of Sweetie.   I am not sending them to you unless my partners give me the go ahead.  They are really inflammatory.  She is now crawling and sitting up and in the pictures, she is tied by her foot to a pole so she can not crawl away.  There is a sewer behind her that is full of condoms.  We cannot go and buy the baby ourselves although trust me it is tempting.  That is illegal and would make us a trafficker and subject to imprisonment.  Do not ask if you can adopt Sweetie.  The American gov't decides who americans can adopt.  I cannot override that much less rescue this baby right now. 
So, I have an idea.  I am setting aside every Tuesday from now till end of April as a fasting and prayer day.  I want anyone that is interested in fasting and prayer for the solution to the Sweetie and mommy problem to email the WAR website back.  We will make a circle of emails.  I will keep you posted if I know anything. 
This is not the time for me to give you my workshop on fasting and prayer.  Suffice it to say, several years ago I read every book on the subject and scripture and discovered interesting things about this long abandoned discipline.  It was after a period of fasting and prayer of other people for me when I saw dramatic results and God broke my heart and got my attention.    I returned home from a trip and began a serious study of this.   I am ashamed that we as Christians gave this up to the monks.  Shame on us.  I will attach a handout that I use when teaching this workshop....if you do not know about fasting and prayer I simply suggest you do the lent type fast where every Tuesday you give up something of value to you (coffee, tv, meals, whatever) and while you would be doing those activities...instead you fast and pray for Sweetie. 
The other night I was babysitting my 4th a few months old.  She is developing a sense of humor.  If you tilt your head and look at her the way her daddy does, she tilts her head forward and peeks at you with sparkle and mischief and makes the same pursed mouth as her daddy...she is a mimic with mocking intent and delightful humor.  She has also developed a dislike for bed  time.  Her happy disposition instantly goes ballistic.  She rears back and screams not with baby crying but in sheer undiluted frustration.  I've been at this chore of winning against a tiny person for a long time.  I know all the tricks and if there is one thing I can't survive it is a crying baby.   I instantly have boundless patience and empathy....No baby should cry, or so I tell myself.   Poor baby.  She didn't stand a chance.  I do love it that her daddy is getting his just desserts.  As I stood at her bed long after she was sweetly asleep, I sobbed for Sweetie.   I couldn't take my eyes off this baby in front of me. Al night I spent staring into her eyes, talking, singing, and rocking.  I prayed that God would not take his eyes off his Sweetie!  I wanted Him to quiet her screams with tender loving care, singing over her as I would, as a parent does, not black and blue beatings. 
So will you pray with me for a miracle for Sweetie.  I don't know what it looks like.  I leave that in God's hands.  I ask the Holy Spirit to groan with groanings that cannot be uttered (has it ever occurred to you that that is the way we cry and pray for our children....with deep groans...wonder if that is the eternal parent coming through?. 
I comfort myself with the words of Oswald Chambers, "When men work, men work...when men pray, God works."  I so want the work of the Miracle working God...not the puny work of my hands.  I hate not being "hands on" and that is always when God says, "sit back and let me be still and know that I am God." 
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Becky McDonald
Women At Risk, International

Please join us in fasting and prayer for this little baby! As I care for my own baby girl, I find myself thinking of Sweetie and praying for her rescue! Visit WAR's website to learn more about them and their ministry. Also, email them to join the circle of prayers on Tuesday and to receive updates:

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