Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Repurposed Crib > Chalkboard art table

How many of you have dozens of craft ideas pinned on your Pinterest boards, but have yet to try them? Me too! Here is one that I DID do though... :)

I came upon this DIY tutorial on Pinterest last year using an unused crib and turning it into a kids art table, complete with a chalkboard table top!

At the time, we were planning to move Titus up to a toddler bed soon, and also purchasing a new crib for Norah (still in the womb) because of the condition of Titus' crib. I was slightly sentimental about getting rid of the old crib. But when I stumbled across this idea, I decided this would be a perfect way to preserve it. I kept it in Titus' room where the crib has always set, and I think it will be a great piece for both kids to grow into! It will easily fit two kids at, and I'm especially exciting about how homeschooling friendly this will be (since we're leaning that direction). I'm excited to add more elements to the table (such as the lady has shown in the pictures- hooks for scissors, etc) as the kids get older and able to use more supplies (ie markers, scissors, glue, etc). I'm also considering painting it white this spring!

The table has been in Titus' room for about a month now and he's pretty much left it alone, having no idea what it is! :) So this morning, I set up all the art supplies on it and showed him what it was for! He especially LOVED his introduction to the chalkboard! What kid wouldn't love to be able to actually draw ON the table! :) Now I realize this will probably be another thing in his room to play with when he's supposed to be sleeping. I'm going to have to brainstorm today some ideas for dealing with his potential problem! :)

(Please excuse my not-so-great pictures :( )

(Paper Roll- Ikea, plastic cups- Hobby Lobby, Green Bin- Target)

And since I have GOBS of chalkboard paint left over, I have all kinds of other projects up my sleeve! :)

What Pinterest project would you love to complete? Browse your boards and pick just one, then make it a goal to complete in the next month! :) Let us know about it!


Rhonda Cothrun said... [Reply]

This is AWESOME. Great idea. Rhonda