Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A February Spring

What's up with the weather!? So here in West Michigan, we've been enjoying some unseasonably warm temps! Winter just can't seem to stick around! We've only had a few snowfalls and the temps can't seem to make up its mind! I was going to call this post A January Spring, but I realized that today was February... :)

Even though The Blue Ladybug shop is currently on vacation still, that doesn't mean that we're not planning future Blue Ladybug goodies! In fact, yesterday Laura and I went shopping for some spring fabrics!  We loaded the kids up in the minivans in upper 40s temps! Honestly it already feels like Spring is around the corner even though Winter is only half over! This mild winter/early spring (can I call it that yet?) has already gotten us so inspired for Spring, we're already planning for our new fabrics and NEW products! We can't wait to reveal them all to you! Believe me, you are going to LOVE what we've got coming!

What's the weather like where you live?

Are you thinking Spring a little earlier this year?


Lauren said... [Reply]

Can't wait to see what fabrics you picked out!!