Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Garland

So my in-laws took Titus all last weekend so we could get a little break! I forgot how easy it is to just have a baby! Norah pretty much just eats and sleeps at this point, so I have a lot time to do what I want to do! My goals for this past weekend were to catch up on sleep, crafting and time with my husband, and I was thrilled that it all happened! We celebrated my birthday on Saturday (which isn't until this Sunday but we'll be busy that day) by going to Olive Garden (my fave!) and fun shopping!

The Blue Ladybug has been on vacation for the past couple months due to the holidays and my maternity leave, and its been so nice to just be able to focus on my family without orders to worry about. But honestly, I've been getting pretty antsy to get back to sewing and to business! However I'm still trying to add things, like cooking and cleaning, back into my life, and those are kind of important! ;) So I haven't been allowing myself very much time for crafting until I can balance some other things first. But the little sewing that I have done has felt sooo nice! It's been kind of therapeutic and has helped me feel more "normal" amid the craziness right now. So with Titus gone, I got a bunch of sewing projects done, one of which I'm sharing with you!

Ever since I saw this tutorial, I've wanted to make a felt garland. I had lots of felt laying around in girly colors from all my hairclip-making, so I decided to make a garland in honor of Valentines day! This is very fun looking, and a great project your kids can help you make (if they're old enough to use scissors).

Ultra Easy Instructions:
*Cut hearts and other various shapes, if you'd like. you can have your kids help with this.(this is what takes the most time)
*Sew all your shapes together by feeding them one by one, back to back under the presser foot of your machine.

I wasn't sure where to put it but I have it draped of this amazing chalkboard that my brother made me for Christmas! I love to write messages to myself on it everyday to keep my perspective as a stay-at-home mom!
This garland would also look great on a mantle! Do you still have your Christmas tree up? I wish I did! Wouldn't a Valentine's tree look amazing with this garland?? One year I'll do it! :)

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
Do you do anything fun with your kids to celebrate the day?