Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elissa's 2nd Birthday Celebration!

I can't believe my baby girl is 2 years old now.  We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, with a house full of family.  It was a wonderful and special day.  I spend alot of time reflecting in the days before my children's birthday, about all the ways they've grown and changed in the past year.  I tend to look through old baby photos and blubber and cry about how tiny and sweet they were.  And I repeat over and over to my husband, "I can't believe she's turning 2!" 

I caught a photo of her first thing in the morning.  She was waiting patiently  in her room for the rest of the household to wake up, with an armload of blankies and stuffed animals.  We dressed her in her favorite Cinderella shirt and headed to a local craft fair that morning, where she happened to throw the worst temper tantrum I've seen from her yet (Welcome to 2!).

I typically prefer to not do a character themed birthday party, but it just seems that children at this age, have suddenly become attached to some iconic character.  Elissa loves Cinderella, she adoringly refers to her as "Lella".  She requests to watch her movie daily.  So I knew nothing would bring a bigger smile to her face, than to throw her a birthday party with Cinderella's image plastered everywhere.  

I did a buffet style dinner, since I didn't have enough room at the table for a more formal sit down dinner.  I served Chicken Salad croissants and Egg Salad croissants.

Veggies and my mom's delicious veggie dip.   I served up the veggie dip in a pumpkin, hoping it would remind them of Cinderella's stage coach from a pumpkin, in the movie.  If I hadn't been so short on time I would have added wheels and carved a window.

A fruit platter with the tastiest (and easiest) fruit dip, was also on the menu, as well as Cheesy Potatoes. Yum!

The girl had quite the stash of presents!  

The very first gift she opened was her Pottery Barn chair!  I love these chairs! But I was even more excited that I didn't buy it at Pottery Barn and found it for about half the price!  Score!  She loved it and sat in it while she opened all the rest of her gifts.

It was great fun to see her really ripping into the gifts with excitement this year.  And even more fun to watch her girly reaction to all the girly gifts she received.  Growing up with an older brother, she can certainly hold her own and be pretty rough and tumble.  So when I see that "girliness" in her, it's extra fun.  I forget some days how much she loves her jewelry and purses, and shoes and tutus. 

Her favorite gift was by far the Cinderella doll my mother and father bought her. She immediately grabbed her blanky and wrapped her up in it.  

I also purchased this sweet little jewelry box for her from this Etsy shop.  It's personalized with her name on the lid and all hand painted.  A special place to store her treasures.  She's so fascinated with the twirling ballerina.

And ofcourse, we finished up the evening by singing Happy Birthday to her and eating some yummy Cinderella cake.  Elissa had the time of her life and I enjoyed every minute, watching my 2 year old.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, happy, beautiful and sassy little girl!