Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Weekend + a big SALE

So our babies, the inspiration for our business, are turning 2 this weekend!
It's hard to believe they can be that old already! Titus and Elissa have brought Laura and I so much joy as moms, and they are going to be a great big brother and big sister to each of their siblings on the way! :) Here's a few pictures and memories from the past two years... {Plus scroll all the way down for a 20% off coupon code to our shop!}

Titus was born on Nov 4 and Elissa was born on Nov 5! Laura and I were only acquaintances at the time, but had a mutual friend that kept us up on each others' pregnancies! Laura had a difficult pregnancy and went overdue with Elissa. I remember feeling bad that I'd had Titus so early when she was struggling so much! She remembers being a little jealous! :) Once our babies were born, we both started sewing and crafting for our little bundles of joy, and about 6 months later Laura started The Blue Ladybug, then I quickly joined her, and the rest is history!

Elissa Lorraine
Titus Remington

9 months old- at the zoo!

 It's been exciting to see both kids grow these past 2 years! They have embraced toddlerhood to the fullest- including all that attitude! :) It’s amazing to see how much they’ve changed in the past year! They’re so much more fun, even despite all the tantrums! :) I’m planning a Cars themed party this weekend for Titus with our family, and I believe Laura will be throwing a Cinderella party for one excited little girl! We’ll be sure to post pictures!
Elissa turns 1!

Titus turns 1!

Want to read about how The Blue Ladybug began?
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Also, you can read more about Titus and Elissa here!

So to celebrate our babies' 2nd birthdays, we are having a BIG weekend sale!
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Let me also encourage you to
this Holiday season!

Happy Birthday, Titus & Elissa!