Friday, November 11, 2011

Titus's 2nd Birthday Celebration

Last weekend we celebrated Titus’ 2nd birthday! It was so exciting as a parent to see how much fun he was having on his big day (as opposed to being oblivious like he was on his first birthday)! Every time he was asked how old he was, he actually answered, “I two!!!” SO cute! And he has this adorable way of holding his fingers up to indicate his age- two index fingers! We had a little party with family the night of his birthday and he had an absolute blast!

I've loved reflecting back on his first birthday and on this past year, as I see how much he's grown, changed, and developed more into the person he was created to be! I love him more every day! It was such an honor to celebrate his life and remember what a blessing from the Lord he is! Here are some pictures of the celebration!

                                                     Good Morning, Birthday Boy!

All ready for the day! First we went to MOPS and played with friends! He's in the big boy class now, so he got to make a craft, color and hear a story!

After his nap, we headed to Grandma's house, who was hosting the big party that night! With the baby coming, I wanted to make the party as simple as possible, which included involving others' help! I chose to do a Cars theme, which seemed to revolve around Disney Cars. Like Laura, I'm not a big fan of character themed parties, but I knew Titus would love it, and I was went pretty basic with it! I decorated mostly with Reds and Blues, and threw in a little of the Cars theme here and there. The cupcake tower was my main tie to the theme. I made the little toppers out of Cars stickers, cardstock and toothpicks. The main topper was designed and printed by Tim. I loved that when I finished it, it looked like a billboard. I had a table of desserts and drinks (cupcakes, mint brownies and plate of cookies a grandma brought) and then the island was filled with lots of yummy appetizers my mother in law made or had others bring.

Ready to party! :) 
I also had Laura make Titus a shirt to fit theme! I loved that he matched his party! Thanks, Laura!

The birthday boys! (Tim's was the day before!)

 He knew just what to do with the presents this year! He didn't need an coaxing from Mama! :) I loved to see his excitement!

And of course, he got the Cars 2 movie from Grandma! :) (Along with LOTS of other Cars gifts!!!)

Little boys + balloons + grandpas = GREAT FUN!

We practiced blowing out matches, so that he would successfully blow out his candles! And he did amazing! :) So proud!

Yay for using forks now! :)

A not-so-great picture of our family! :) Happy Birthday, Titus!