Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Year Old! Celebration Discount

Our babies are 1 today (and tomorrow)!!!

Perhaps you've heard the story before, but if you're just joining us, I'll fill you in quickly.   Titus, Marybeth's son was born November 4th, on Elissa's due date.  Elissa, my daughter, was born the day after on November 5th.  We knew each other through a mutual friend and had heard about each other's pregnancies through our friend.    The events of a this day a year ago, are swarming through my head today.  I remember hearing that Marybeth was in labor.  I won't lie, I was slightly...okay...alot jealous.  I was miserable (who isn't at the end of pregnancy) and I wanted to meet my daughter.  But I was anxiously waiting, to hear of when her first child would be born, and if she had given birth to a boy or girl, since they had kept it a surprise.  Little did I know, that Elissa was coming the very next day!   If it weren't for these two little bundles of joy, there would be no Blue Ladybug.  They are our inspiration.  They are the reason we are here right now!

Look at this sweet photo of newborn little Titus!  I love this photo of him.

And here's a newborn photo of Elissa.  My little angel.

I try so hard not to get emotional when I look at their photos.  But I think the first birthday is always so bittersweet.  It's so amazing to see these photos taken just about a year ago, and then to look at them now.... I can hardly believe they have grown and changed so much in such a short time.  I long to snuggle that newborn sweetness for just a moment longer (it always goes by too quickly), and yet, I can't help but smile at all the new things they are learning and developing, how they're personalities are breaking through.  One is so much fun!

I love how Titus and Elissa are always so excited to see each other.  To hear their giggles, you'd think they'd been friends since before the womb.  They have a special connection.  

We're celebrating these two little ones all weekend long.  They are such a gift and joy from the Lord.  So in honor of their birthdays we're offering 10% off EVERYTHING today through Sunday.  So run over the The Blue Ladybug Children's Boutique and the The Blue Ladybug Bowtique  and grab your favorites.
Just enter code: "1birthday"  when checking out, in the Notes section and we'll refund you your 10% off via paypal in 24-48 hours.  

Happy Birthday Titus Remington and Elissa Lorraine!



Jacobs Family said... [Reply]

Aw, happy birthday, Babies! What a sweet story!