Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Sewing Feature

I love using sewing patterns from Whimsy Couture.  Many of the styles of dresses you see at The Blue Ladybug are made, using patterns from Whimsy Couture.  She has such well written and easy to understand patterns.  Plus they have step by step instructions WITH pictures!  I love that!  I'm such a visual learner.

Whimsy just featured The Blue Ladybug on her sewing blog today.  Hop over and take a look!

And if you're a beginning sewer or even a novice and are looking for simple, quick and adorable boutique style clothing to sew for girls and boys, check out Whimsy Couture patterns on Etsy!

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!


Lauren said... [Reply]

That's so exciting, ladies!