Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration

Today I'm linking up with Two Peas in a Pod Designs on what inspires me!

Honestly the past couple weeks, I've been crashing from our big PA wedding trip, MOPS starting, various other fall activities getting back on schedule, not to mention that I've been getting more tired and uncomfortable being 6 months pregnant! So I haven't had a whole lot of motivation to sew or craft, and I've been panicking that this baby will be here soon and I have done hardly anything in preparation for her! So for the first time this week, I allowed myself to delve into the Pinterest world, and boy was that inspiring! I feel like I have more of a plan of what I want to do for Baby Girl's room and other crafts. Plus it put me in such a Fall mood! I was lighting yummy fall-scented candles, and baking with pumpkin (pumpkin oatmeal cookies!), and drinking hot drinks... I went to our small-town fabric store, and took a walk on a brisk Saturday morning with my family!

I've also had a list of fall decor crafts that I wanted to try, but haven't had the motivation. So I joined Trish's Mystery Sew Along this weekend! I'm hoping this little pumpkin holds the motivation I need to make more, and work on other fall projects I have: Ruffled burlap table runnerRosette Wreath ~ More Pumpkins!

This was a fun little pumpkin to make! I didn't add the twine around all the seams like the tutorial called for because all I had was this rope. So I just tied it in a bow around the top. And next time I would probably add some rice or beans to the bottom for a little extra weight!

So I'm thankful for Pinterest (follow me!) for providing inspiration in the areas of my baby girl's room and in getting me the Fall baking and decorating mood! :)

And also thanks to Trish @ Two Peas in a Pod for this fun Sew Along! :)


...julia... said... [Reply]

That turned out so cute! I made one too, and I didn't have twin either.... So I did a running stitch along my seems and sinched it and tied it off at the bottom, turned out cute! But don't look too close you might see the stitches! Eek!


Mary Beth (blue ladybug mamas) said... [Reply]

it was a very good idea though! I was thinking about trying it for my next pumpkin! :)