Monday, October 3, 2011

New Series//Inspiring moms in balance and business

We have something very special for the month of October for all you moms out there!


We are beginning a blog series of guest posts from other business-owning moms, to encourage all you other entrepreneurial moms who either already have your own business or those of you who wish you did! We want to inspire you to follow your dream and give you tips along the way for balancing motherhood, your business/passions, and the rest of your life! We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, so that’s why we want to create a community of encouraging moms here on the Blue Ladybug Mamas blog! We believe that all of us have something to contribute at the various points in our life journeys that we’re each at! We all have some advice worth sharing, some skill worth investing in and some passion worth taking to the next level! We hope our blog will encourage and inspire you to keep on pursuing your business dreams (or starting for the first time!), and connect you to other moms and business owners who can share how they’ve found success balancing both motherhood and business!

We know you're going to love hearing from moms just like you, and learning from the advice they have to share! I love to hear how other moms balance their lives and the tips that help them do it! None of us ever feel like we've arrived as moms! I'm learning that right about the time I start feeling comfortable and confident in my mothering and schedule, life changes and I have to readjust all over again!

We also want you to provide an opportunity for you to connect with other moms that you might have something in common with or be interested in getting to know!

 If this is a topic that strikes a chord with you, leave a comment below telling us
1. Your name
2. your business name/description OR what your creative passion is
3. one way you balance motherhood and your business/creative passions
4. link to your blog/site or email THEN find another mom to "reply" to her comment.

This will only work if LOTS of people do this! :) Feel free to leave a comment even if you aren't a mom- we all have great things to share! And just because you dont have a business, doesn't mean you're exempt either- we all have to find a balance in our time and our interests!

So come back tomorrow for our very first guest post... and a giveaway!! :)