Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Muffin Tin Monday Premiere!

Today, my dream of making my child a muffin tin lunch came true! This my very first Muffin Tin Monday EVER! I (Mary Beth) remember reading MTM posts while I was pregnant and couldn't wait to be able to do them with my child! Now Titus is 15 months old and at the perfect age to start making muffin tin lunches! I was a little under the weather today, but I was too excited to make it for him! And what a perfect theme to make my MTM debut, than Red/Valentine's Day for the Love I have for my little guy! :)

There were so many options I could go with, but there are still many foods (like most raw fruits and vegetables) that Titus can't eat yet, so I had to make it work for his age! I really enjoyed the challenge and the chance to exercise a little more creativity in my toddler's lunch! :) Overall, he's a great eater and enjoys most foods! Here was what we ended up going with:

On the top left, we have "heart-shaped" pretzels dipped in Cranberry Chutney (leftovers & made by Daddy!). This was his first experience with something "dipped" and love it! He just kept licking the pretzels! :) Next is some Venison and Vegetable soup with a tomato base broth (also dinner leftovers! :) ). He loves this soup, but unfortunately, with all the other fun options, he didn't eat much of it- sad! Next to the soup is a white chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookie with heart sprinkles! This is the first time I've let him have a cookie, but he knew what it was and begged for it before all the rest of his food was gone (ahem, the soup!). Underneath the cookie are red goldish crackers. I bought the multicolor bag and picked out the red ones! :) he gobbled those up right away! Next to the fish crackers is homemade applesauce. Yes, that is it's natural color! When my MIL and I were making applesauce last fall, one batch came out a very deep pink color. It came in perfect for this lunch! And then last but not least, on the bottom left, we have a cheese stick sliced, cut and shaped into little hearts! Titus wasn't sure what they were at first, but of course, polished those off too! haha Overall, this was a great muffin tin lunch theme, a great first experience, Titus ate pretty good, and I had so much fun doing it!

And here's what I (Laura) made for Cameron and Elissa's lunch.

Front and center:  Peanut butter and jelly on a slice of heart shaped bread
From left to right back: sliced celery ( I thought it had a bit of heart shaped look), strawberries, a heart shaped cookie that Cameron and I had made that morning, and strawberry banana yogurt.

We're linking up at Muffin Tin Mom today.  Pop on over and check all the other creative and yummy Muffin Tin lunches.


Laura said... [Reply]

Nice! Titus has a good appetite, I see! Good for him. If he keeps eating healthy foods like you give him, and gets plenty of exercise, he'll continue to grow strong & healthy! He's a cutie!

Diane said... [Reply]

Very creative ladies!!! Fun fun!!

JDaniel4's Mom said... [Reply]

This looks great! My sister Kate cookes with vension all the time!

Sharon said... [Reply]

Looks great!

Shannon said... [Reply]

They both look delicious!

Marla said... [Reply]

Great healthy meals!!!

My little one is 12 mo old and it is sometimes hard for me to let her make the messes! :) But yesterday just seemed to be a little easier because I had a lot going on at the time and needed her to feed herself. Ha!

Ludicrous Mama said... [Reply]

Love all the meals! Very cute, VERY yummy looking!

Rockabye Butterfly said... [Reply]

my favourite: the red goldfish! we don't have coloured goldfish where we are, just the original colour.

~Rockabye Butterfly~