Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jackpot! All things handmade for BOY! {Details inside...}

my very first tie onesie!

I started my crafting hobby by making tie onesies and pacifier clips for Titus, which turned into a business with Laura. (You can read about The Blue Ladybug beginnings here) She made lots of cute girl clothes and bows for Elissa, but I struggled to find very many fun projects out there for boys in general! If you are a mom of a boy and have struggled with this same frustration, keep reading… ;)

As I promised when I blogged about my new Big Boy Belts, here is what I’m calling the jackpot of all things handmade boy! It’s a month-long event over at Made by Rae called Celebrate the BOY- boy projects, fabrics, tutorials, photo roundups, etc… I’ve been anxiously awaiting this for a few months! As her guest blogger described it today, “no ruffles, no pink, no flowers, and no boring solids!” It’s a new day for boys handmade projects!

The event started yesterday and continues for a whole month, so be sure to subscribe to her blog and check back every day to see what’s new! You’ll already have to catch up, because yesterday she posted an adorable dragon slippers tutorial I’m going to have to try out for Titus! :) Today there’s a fabric giveaway you can enter, as well as some cool fabric roundups for boys from Above All Fabric (<--click to see the fabric selection) and See Kate Sew.

I’m hoping we’ll make it into a photo roundup, so I’ll be keeping a close eye out for our stuff! You’ll be sure to hear about it if we do! So hurry on over to Celebrate the BOY 2011 and be inspired to create for your boy!

For a quick shortcut to CTB11, you can also click on the green "the boy" lego button on the left side of our blog! I'll definately be using it for quick visits over there every day!

I'd LOVE to hear your experience with boy crafts... are you frurstated in this area, or are you a wealth of creativity? Have you made anything really cool recently? Tell me about it!