Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I did on my Snow Day

Yesterday, Michigan was hit with a blizzard!  It was actually pretty exciting.  Most adults even had a snow day from work.  That never happens!  It's been a long time since I've seen this much snow.  The piles at the end of my driveway are taller than me.

Since I wasn't going anywhere yesterday, I worked on something new for The Blue Ladybug.
Meet, The Shabby Chic Apron Knot Dress
Does that fabric look familiar?  Take a closer look.
Yup, I used the fabric from the Rosy Garden Pillowcase dress, added a few more fabrics, and refashioned it into an Apron Knot dress.  I love the mix of fabrics.
There's a nice shot of the back...or my daughter running away from me...either way.  Hey, don't judge, until you've tried to photograph a 14 month old who has just found her walking legs.
My favorite part about this dress is the fabric for the apron.  It gives the whole dress that perfectly shabby chic, vintage charm.  You can look for this one to be listed in the shop today!
And in case you missed it, two other new dresses were added earlier this week.
The Roses in Cream Peaseant Dress.  Love, love, love this dress.

And the Dolce Bird Pillowcase Dress, so perfect for spring.