Monday, January 17, 2011

New Excitement!!!

So many new and exciting things have been happening at The Blue Ladybug lately.  I hope you've had a chance to keep up with some of our news.  If not, I'll do a quick update.  And then I can reveal some newness to you all!

Just two short weeks ago, we opened a new store!   And then we got our very. own. domain name!!!!  Wowzers!  I still can hardly believe it when I!!!!  And it's ours!  Like, a for real website!  And we've got lots of designing to do on our site there, linking in our facebook and this blog, all to keep you updated on new products and sales and giveaways!  We are greatly appreciative for the help MaryBeth's hubby has given us over the past few weeks.  He's been doing lots of custom designing work for us, and you can see that right here on  our blog even.  Don't you just love those pretty buttons on the side over there.  Yup, he did that!  And that's part of the other big news, our new blog name,  We wanted our blog to be a bit more about us and our passion and lives with the opportunity to share what's going on in our business with you.

And we've been telling you that some of our Spring stuff is on it's way into the shop.  And after a long morning photo shoot, which I'm sure I'll share all the gruesome details with you later, I'm excited to introduce to you the first round of Spring items to hit our store.  Are you ready for this!?!?

The Morning Glory Brother Sister Set
 I love this set!  It's so bright and cheery!
Cherry Dot Tie Shirt

The Morning Glory Pillowcase Dress

Lacework Brother Sister Set
 But this set is so stinkin' adorable as well.
Lacework Pillowcase Dress

Lime Dot Tie Shirt
 One of my favorite things about this set, is that you have a choice of TIES!  You can be really "matchy" and do the dots, or if you like the colors to be the same, but be a little different, you can go for the stripe.  And if you have two boys, they could each have a different one, but still match!  How cool is that!
Lime Stripe Tie shirt
 And how fabulous are these cotton ruffled pants!  I just love them under the pillowcase dresses.  Or order one our cute shirts to go with the pants!  (Which you'll be seeing a lot more of those soon). Yippee!!!
Cherry Dot Ruffle Pants

Lime Dot Ruffle Pants
And did you know that if you want a pillowcase top, instead of dress, you can always order your dress in a size or two smaller!  How perfect for spring!

So zip on over and check out the new shop and tell us what you think of our new items!  Leave us a comment here on the blog and we'll draw a winner for a little prize from the comments!

P.S. All of our newest items are only available at and are currently not on Etsy.