Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama

I have a new found appreciation for photographers. Anyone that can photograph young children... particularly between the ages of 12 months and 2.5 years, earns a reward!  I was completely exasperated after yesterday mornings photo shoot with my kids.  My son, who will be 3 on Sunday (how did that happen), has finally come full circle in the past few months, and enjoys being my model once again. Yay!  Unfortunately, my precious daughter, who couldn't even sit on her own, let alone wiggle away, when I first opened The Blue Ladybug, is now absolutely impossible to photograph.  Oh you don't believe me....

Well here's some proof....
 I just love the look on Cameron's face here.  He just doesn't understand what her melt down is about.  Hahaha!

Oh yes, it was that traumatic.  After this photo was snapped, I shut down the whole operation, and called it a day.  Whew.  

It was silliness at first....until she realized I wasn't going to let her indulge in her new found mobile skills.  I wanted her to hold still so I could take a million photos of her and her brother.  Her good mood quickly turned to revolt with each time I placed her back in her spot after she had madly escaped.  

I eventually tried cheerios to keep in her place, but her pile was gone before I could focus the camera.  Sheesh, you'd think I didn't feed the girl.  Then I attempted distraction with a favorite toy.  That lasted a milla-second.  So I got really creative and pulled out Miss Pussy Cat and Ally the Alligator puppets.  I went all out with the crazy voices and everything.  I received blank stares from the peanut gallery...and then she wanted to hold them.  Of course.  It just went all down hill from there.

So glad we were able to get a few good photos from the morning.  My favorite being this silly one of her.
This is classic Elissa "cheesin" face.  The squinty eyes, arched eyebrows and extra wide smile.  I LOVE it!  So glad I was able to capture that "look" of hers.

Hope you're all enjoying the new 'goods' in the store.  I'm always giddy the week that reveal new things.  And we have soooo many things in store for this spring and summer.  It makes me a very giddy girl.