Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Meet our NEW product for boys!}

Hey everyone! It’s Mary Beth, the other half of the Blue Ladybug Mamas, to share an exciting *brand new* product in our shop!

Inspired by our sons, Cameron and Titus! They are at two different stages of life- Titus is still in diapers, and Cameron is newly potty-trained! I've made this belt work for both!  Velcro and a D-ring will make this belt sooo easy for your little guy (and you!) to remove when he uses the bathroom or gets a diaper change. A Potty-Training-Friendly belt? Who whudda thought! :)

Each belt is made stiff for extra durability! And don't forget how cute and fun the fabric is! In fact, you can CHOOSE what fabric you'd like for your little guy's belt! {Visit the shop to see our 20 fabric choices- YES, 20!}

I am always on a quest to find cute boys crafts to make for Titus! There is quite a gap in this area of crafting and I am trying to do my part to create and find handmade items for boys! 

Next month, I will be writing an exciting blog post about a month long event all about the BOY! Stay tuned if you want to hit the jackpot of boys crafts and handmade items! You won't want to miss this!

I'd LOVE to hear what you think about the new belts, which fabrics you like best, and any thoughts you have on boys crafts!