Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wowza! My New Sewing Space!

Hugs and kisses to my husband for creating this space for me!

Isn't it beautiful!!!!  Well, it would look even better if it wasn't in my basement, and I had a sunny, well lit, spare bedroom on the main floor in my house (a girl can dream right).  Truly though, I feel so grateful for this space that I do have.  

I'm love love loving my cutting table!  This is my very favorite feature!  We used two ClosetMaid shelves and my husband put a wood top on it for a work surface.  This first side is where I keep partially finished orders, getting ready to ship, and all my shipping supplies.  I even have left-over space to fill up!  I love the chocolate brown, aqua and pink totes.  It's like my little girly space!

The work surface/cutting table is so handy.  I am beyond thankful for this feature.  Previously I was spending an hour or so, crouched on my cold cement floor, cutting patterns each night.  (Can I get a sympathy "awwww").  I can now easily lay out all my fabric and quickly cut, pin, and package items for shipping.  My cutting mat fits perfectly on here.  And I stained the wood a pretty pink!  Love it!!!

This is the sewing table my husband built for me.  We used a skinny door and table legs.  Again we stained them in a be-a-u-tiful shade of pink!  I would suggest NOT using a hollow door for any one that wants to make something similar.  It gets a little bouncy when I'm sewing.  But I love how it is long and skinny.  There's plenty of room for both of my machines.  Before, I had a small desk, that was too deep, and I was having trouble reaching my foot pedals.  I also didn't have enough room to have both machines out.  I had to slide whichever machine I need to use at the moment to the front, leaving only a few inches to work with the fabric. Yikes!

There's enough space over here, to have my iron in the area too.  No more jogging across the basement, back and forth from my machine to the iron.

I also bought a shelf to help store all of my fabric!  I used this tutorial from Ucreate to make mini bolts to wrap my fabric.  It works fabulously!  I love how neat and organized it is....well, almost.  I have a few more bolts to wrap looks like.

This is the other shelf on the cutting table.  I keep current projects, patterns, elastic, velcro, thread and any other frequently used sewing necessities on this side, so they are easy to reach.  I feel extremely blessed to have found a carpet remnant to help "warm" the space.  It really just ties it all together.

I feel so much more efficient and productive my new sewing space.  It's such a pleasure to be down there sewing and crafting.  I can feel the inspiration coming to me as I work in it.
Thanks again to my husband for all his hard work in creating this space for me!


Kati said... [Reply]

Laura, your space looks great! So professional. I LOVE the pink! :) ~Kati

mandiegirl said... [Reply]

Congrats! :)