Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Fun Adventures

This past Saturday, we went to the farm!  One of my new favorite new traditions as a family.  Our first farm visit was Cameron's first fall in '08.   It was warm and windy, and Cameron was clearly terrified of the pumpkins.  Hmmm....must have been the strange texture and bright orange color.
I love that sweater he is wearing, by the way.  I wish he could still fit in it!
Cameron's first year in the pumpkin patch.
The following year our friends joined us in the fun.   I looked like I had a pumpkin in my belly, because I was weeks away from giving birth to Elissa.  It was definitely freezing cold last year.  We were bundled up tight in our winter coats and hats. Brrrrr.  Cameron was definitely more OK with the pumpkins this time.

Cameron's 2nd year in the pumpkin patch
  This year, we tried a new farm and had a wonderful time.  Our friends joined us again, as is our new tradition.  It was extremely warm, which made it feel not very "fallish".  We still had a blast choosing our pumpkins, petting the animals, playing on the playground and walking through  the apple orchard.  Elissa' seemed  intrigued by the pumpkins, even thought her face doesn't show it here in this photo.
Elissa's first year in the pumpkin patch
And Cameron thoroughly enjoyed picking out the pumpkins to adorn our front porch and later to be carved.

Cameron's Third year in the pumpkin patch

 I made the kids matching appliquéd pumpkins shirts.  This was one of my first attempts at really truly appliquéing.  I definitely learned from some of my the importance of using a tearaway stabilizer in the back, and be patient and wait until you can get to the store to buy orange thread.  All in all, it was a fun new project for me, and I see many more appliquéing projects in my
future....maybe even a few to be listed in the shop!

The Petting Farm
We ended the day, purchasing some delicious apple cider and donuts and headed to our friends house for a fun dinner and conversation together.

Having fun playing, at Lewis Farms

 I love the memories that were making with the kids on days like this.  And I'm looking forward to lots more this fall season as well; carving our pumpkins, making fall treats, Trick-or-Treating, and Thanksgiving.  What special things/traditions do you do or make with your family this time of year?