Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Rustic Garden Stakes

So we finally got our garden planted!

The weather's been so funny this spring, and it's seemed for a while like we can't shake these overnight frost advisories. So on the last day of May, we got it all planted! This year we used not only our little corner plot in the backyard, but Tim also made a raised bed for our herbs and lettuces. It all looks so great! There's just something so satisfying about getting your garden planted and working outside in the dirt! I love strolling through the yard to check on the plants and water them. With a really shady yard, it makes time spent outside very refreshing and enjoyable.

We've really enjoyed gardening as a family, taking care of it together and teaching Titus where our food comes from. We even let him plant his own bean in a cup and it sprouted SO quickly, which was super exciting for him! He goes out of the deck everyday and checks on his bean. He knows it needs water and sun!

I'd been wanting to make some cool garden stakes/markers ever since the end of last summer, but I wanted to wait until we planted our garden. I'd found alot of cool ideas on Pinterest, so I already had some things in mind. But I decided I want to make something easy, that wouldn't take alot of time or effort. I combined a couple ideas and then added my own flair !

These are thick sticks that I cut to size and then scraped the bark off of the top.

For the lettering, I just used a Sharpie, but you could also use an alphabet stamp set.

Then to add a little color and visual appeal, I tied some fabric scraps to the tops!

And that's all there is to it! I like how rustic and earthy they look in our garden, with just that little pop of color. They look even cooler now that the garden is beginning to look more green! :) I love watching it grow a little more everyday!

Have you made any easy garden projects??


Rhonda Cothrun said... [Reply]

Love them. I always want a garden, but, the only thing I can grow are usually silk and even then, yikes.... Rhonda