Monday, October 10, 2011

Moms Finding Balance- Guest Post// Jen @ Norwex

Welcome to our blog series of guest posts from other business-owning moms, to encourage all you other entrepreneurial moms who either already have your own business or those of you who wish you did! We want to inspire you to follow your dream and give you tips along the way for balancing motherhood, your business/creative passions, and the rest of your life! We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, so that’s why we want to create a community of encouraging moms here on the Blue Ladybug Mamas blog!

We welcome Jen, who is a very energetic and passionate lady, who mothers three toddlers while selling some awesome “green” cleaning products! She is also a personal friend and very inspiring person!

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Jennifer Byland.  I have been married to Mark for 5 years.  We have two boys, Caleb (will be 4 in Oct.) and Luke (2). We have been guardians of a little girl named Mariah (4) for the past year.. My favorite part about being a mom is watching them grow and discover new things.  I have loved each new stage.  Currently, we are learning to ride bikes and potty training. :) It is so busy, but I am trying to find joy in each moment.

how did you getting started in your business?:
I am a teacher, but am staying home with the kids while they are young.  I started selling Norwex about a year ago.  Norwex is committed to improving the quality of life by drastically reducing the use of harmful chemicals in our personal care and cleaning products.  I have always been interested in using more natural products and have just really appreciated this product line.  After I started using it, I quickly became addicted to the products and realized that we did not have very many consultants in our area.  I wanted to help spread the word and, being a social butterfly, I never turn down the chance to have a party.  Direct sales has been a fun adventure for me.  I have met many new people and have appreciated a little break from the house from time to time. 

What advice can you give our readers on owning your own business?
I was given the advice of having a separate checking account and credit card that would be used only for the business.  I only do a few shows a month, but have really appreciated this from an accounting aspect.  I am in the process of creating designated "Norwex only" space in my house.  We are space challenged at our house and the kids seem to be everywhere, but getting this area designed and organized has been key for me.

how do you balance motherhood and your business?
I am very selective and careful at how I manage my time.  I only book one show at a time and try to not put too much on my plate.  I love having control over how much I work, when I work, and when I need more time at home.  I am able to schedule my shows around times when it is either convenient for my husband or a babysitter to be available.  I always allow for an hour of "help" before I need to leave for a show as well as an hour or two to close out my show.  That way, I can concentrate on the details without feeling flustered trying to watch the kids and multi-task for the important job of ordering items and closing the show. We also moved our computer into the kitchen, so that it was easy for me to check on orders and e-mails.  I can also listen to webinars while I make dinner. :)

Thanks Jen for sharing with us! We both use and love Norwex’s products especially the fact that our kiddos can be around and even help clean, without fear of their exposure to chemicals!

Here's where you can find Jen online: visit her online shop or email her:

Wanna try a Norwex product? Jen is giving away a window cloth!

Instructions: Spray window or mirror with WATER only. Dry with cloth for streak free shine! (Personal note- I love being able to clean windows with my toddler around because I’m not spraying chemicals, and he loves to help me clean!) :)

Mariah using the kids version of the window cloth.  The giveaway will be the larger "mommy" version of the window cloth.  

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All three kids helping Jen mop the floors! The key is to keep the mop head on the floor! :)

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

I have been using some of the Norwex products and considering becoming a consultant.

Melissa said... [Reply]

I completely agree with her wanting a little time away sometimes, and it is fun to be creating income while away!

Jana said... [Reply]

Great post! I just received my first nowex product this week and am falling in love!

blaire said... [Reply]

i really like that she said she booked only one show at a time to keep her plate from being too full. i think sometimes i try to do and help too much that i forget not to run myself ragged.


blaire said... [Reply]

i would like to try the baby pack. we have a few norwex products and LOVE them!


blaire said... [Reply]

i follow the blue ladybug mama blog


Melissa said... [Reply]

I follow the blue ladybug mamas blog.

Melissa said... [Reply]

I would love to try the floor systems. Our hardwood floors drive me crazy!

Kara Y. said... [Reply]

I appreciate her desire to keep her children away from harmful chemicals. I never thought much about it until I had a baby of my own and it is very important to me as well.