Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pregnancy Update + Baby projects!

So I'm already 1/2 way through with this pregnancy and feeling great! I just started going to the chiropractor this week because of some hip pain I've been having for several weeks, only to find out that my hips were out of alignment, probably from my last pregnancy. Not thrilled to have to go back regularly since insurance doesn't cover it, but it will be good to get my body where it needs to be for labor and delivery and to be pain-free. Plus I love my chiropractor, who's actually pregnant herself!

We decided to find out this time what we're having, so on Monday we had our 20 week ultrasound and found out that we're having a GIRL! :) I so excited to know so that I can start creating beautiful things for her while I have the time! Our little girl is very active and had us all laughing several times throughout the ultrasound with her yawns, flips and movements! The tech gave me lots of pictures and said, "Wow! I don't think I've ever given this many pictures to someone before- you have a very photogenic baby!" Of course, I would agree!

I loved comparing Titus' ultrasound pictures with Baby Girl's! :) So many similarities... I wanna make a huge picture collage of them now! Of course I think the only person who would appreciate it is me- and their grandmas! :)

After my chiropractic appointment this morning, I decided not to go straight home, but to stop by Quilt Something, our local fabric/quilt shop that I don't visit enough! Living in a small town, I feel very fortunate to have a shop of this kind right downtown- it's seriously 2 blocks from my house! Titus and I browsed through fabric and patterns a while. I had only one thing in mind- girly fabrics!!! Having only a boy, I've only ever looked for good boy fabrics. Having a girl is going to open a whole new world of crafting for me... ready or not, here I come! :) I walked out with several fabric scraps, fat quarters and a remnant peice... I'm excited to see what I'll come up with!

I also got some adorable striped fabric I just couldn't pass up!

One project I have in mind are these reversible baby shoes that I bought a pattern for and have been waiting for the right time to start making them! I hope to add them to the shop too, so keep your eyes open for them! And of course, I'll offer them for boys too! :)
photo credit

So I can officially say now that I'm buying PINK! :) I'm so excited for Titus to have a little sister and I'm anxious to see how I will grow and how my crafting will evolve by having a girl!

What do you love about having a girl?

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Lauren said... [Reply]

Those shoes are adorable! I gave them a try once and never got to the 2nd one because I ran out of time and perseverance. If anyone can conquer it, though, I'm confident you can! Can't wait to see all the gorgeous things you create for your sweet little GIRL!!