Friday, August 26, 2011

{Ladies...3 stylish new products in the shop for you! }

Fall is almost here, believe it or not, and we are busy blue ladybug mamas creating lots of new products to add to our shop! {They're all in our Fall Collection shop section} We've already shown you our Meadowsweet Set, our adorable Seashore Set, and super fun Splendid Set- all with so many clothing options for kids! Then we have our Fall featured tie shirts- Oxford Stripe, the Autumn Stripe, and the Orange Plaid- that are super comfortable for active little guys.

What I've been most anticipating, is the new products we've been working on for our Mama*Style line- what we call our products for ladies!

Our wristlets have become very popular items! What makes them so appealing, besides the sheer cuteness of them, is that they are so convenient for on-the-go moms. No more taking a second bag/purse with you when you go out- simply throw it in the diaper bag! It holds all your necessities- wallet, phone, lipgloss, keys, etc... My cousin recently said it was the best purchase she's made as a mom! Wow! So we've come up with two more lovely options:

An elegant yellow paisley with a pink ruffle

This bright and fun turquoise fabric features a beautiful floral print with a pink ruffle, and my favorite feature, a pink zipper! :)

Our next new product is something that I created last weekend and received such great feedback on that I decided to add it to the shop pretty quickly! I sewed up this ruffled jersey knit scarf as the perfect accessory for the Fall! I LOVE the Mustard shade, which is a very trendy color right now, and hope to find a cute gray top to compliment it!

Don't you just love the playful, yet feminine ruffles? They add sophistication and style to any outfit! I can't wait for the weather to get a little cooler now, so that I can start wearing these ruffles around my neck! Well, maybe I'm not quite ready for cooler weather, but it's nice to know that I have this little accessory waiting for me! :)
These ruffles are long enough to wrap loosely around your neck a couple times, and it's super soft because of the jersey cotton knit fabric! How can you resist!? :P

{For this next week, all these three new products will be on SALE!}

Head over to the shop to pick these up at a discounted price!
And be sure to check out all the other products in our brand new Fall Collection!

So I'm dying to know... which one of these do you like the best??