Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Products for Boys!

 We know our blogging has been all about our new products lately, but this isn't the norm so hopefully you'll just drool over the pictures and enjoy the new stuff with us! We'll be getting back to regular blogging soon! :)

So we have LOTS of cute options for boys not just for Fall, but all the time!

We don't take enough time to show all the features that our products have and what makes them so special! So we want to devote a whole blog post to showing you what we have in the shop for little men!

We have so many options in our Classic Tie Shirts! Did you know that even though a tie shirt is featured with a dress in our popular Brother Sister Sets, it can be purchased on its own? We pick out fabrics so that the ties will look great even if they aren't paired with the coordinating dress! But we also have some super cute fabrics picked out especially for ties!
Here are some fun facts about our tie shirts!
  • Each tie is hand-formed and machine-sewn in place, so there are no raw edges here, which means no fraying!
  • Tie shirts are perfect because they give a dressy, yet playful appearance to an otherwise casual look.
  • They are so comfortable for active little guys, yet easy to dress and care for by moms!

    Another cute, yet practical product we have for boys is our Big Boy Belts! Have you seen them? Even boys need fun and cute accessories- not just girls! You can choose your fabric, which means it makes it to easy to match up to any of our tie fabrics!

    I love putting my son in his belt! He's so long and skinny that I have trouble keeping a lot of pants on him! He's been wearing the same size belt in our Brown Argyle fabric for several months because the velcro closure makes the belt size semi-adjustable PLUS it makes it potty-training friendly which I'm appreciating as we begin the potty training phase! Each little boy can un-do the belt himself as he's running to the potty! :)

    Now for a big announcement! I've had so many requests in the past year and a half since we've opened our shop for "real" ties for little boys! NOW I'm excited to say that we finally offer Little Guy Ties that velcro around the neck and hang free just like Daddy's ties! I just made a couple for a lady and they turned out so great, I wanted to offer them to everyone!

     As you can can see, these make for really adorable photos! It was so fun to do with little photo shoot with my son before I shipped this tie out! He just ran around the yard having a blast and looking so great doing it! And I LOVED the faces he was making! Here's my favorite one-
    Hee Hee! Not really sure what's going on here but I laugh out loud every time I see this picture!

    These ties involve alot of hand stitching which I haven't done alot of before, but I ended up enjoying. It was nice to sit at on the couch and watch a movie while I sewed away, rather than always being stuck behind the machine! 

    I think hand stitching = more love being sewn into each tie!

    You can purchase our Little Guy Ties in the shop right now! It's currently available in the Gray Argyle pictured here, but any of our fabrics can be used! Just message me for a custom order! This is the time to start thinking Fall photos and holiday gatherings!

    Who's the most special little guy in your life?
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