Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our first craft show + my post-show plans

Over here at The Blue Ladybug, we are feverishly getting ready for our first big craft show- Spring Fling Ladies Shopping Night at the Spring Lake Yacht Club! We are SO very excited for this opportunity to meet customers and have that personal interaction, as well as to have a physical shop to sell our products, although temporarily! Getting enough product in stock has been a LOT of work! We are so ready for it to over just so that we can have our lives back {and so our families can have US back! :) } I'm personally looking forward to seeing our booth set up and all our products hanging up! There will definately be some satisfaction in that moment! We'll definately post pictures of the event, of our booth, and us!

As I told Laura earlier... I'm so ready for Wednesday to be over, but I need today to last as long as possible! There's so much to do still!!!

What my plans are after the show's over...
...spend more time with Titus!
...spend evenings with my husband!
...sleep in!!!
...plant my garden (long over due!)
...make my son his summer shorts (the fabric has been sitting there for over a month!)
...blog about our homemade Easter outfits!
...blog more, in general...
Can't wait!

If you'd like to come see us in person, let us know and we'll email you the info!