Friday, May 27, 2011

Easter Outfits (Overdue!)

So Easter was over a month ago, we know, but with all the busyness of our first craft show and then being burnt out for two weeks from said craft show, we have been lacking in keeping you up-to-date on our lives and shop happenings… So hopefully over the next couple weeks, we’ll have lots of updates with LOTS of pictures! :) First thing on the blogging agenda is the Easter outfits we worked so hard to make for our children! We definitely want to show these off!

Mary Beth: I planned an adorable outfit for Titus, that I was SO proud of how it all came together! Handmade lined pants, bowtie and vest! The only clothing on him not handmade was his white dress shirt (which I got on sale at The Children’s Place). The pants were from this tutorial by Dana MADE who has SO many great tutorials and patterns. She recently completed the 2nd annual CELEBRATE the Boy month in Feb/March and had SO many variations of boys pants. She actually teaches how to make your own pattern, which is what I did for these pants! I definitely learned a lot making this pattern, like, make sure you use the RIGHT pair of pants as your example. I traced a pair of Titus’ pants that fit him perfectly, but them slimmed them a little in the pattern to make a flat front, thus making them VERY slim. He can not wear the finished product with a cloth diaper, only disposeable (boo!), and he also won’t be able to wear them for a few years, as I had hoped by making an extra long hem. Oh well! It was a learning experience and I know now what I do differently next time! Dana MADE does have a free pattern for these pants in a 2/3 for your use- it’s perfect if you have a very slim son! (Just ask Laura!) For the fabric I used a recently ripped pair on Tim’s pants. Men’s pants make the best fabric when sewing up pants for boys, I’m quickly finding out! And Goodwill is always a great place to find some cheap men’s pants! Then I used one of Tim’s recently discarded t-shirts, to make a lining in these pants to make them extra warm for winter! (Dana MADE also shows you how to do this variation as well!)

For the vest, I used a pattern from Little Lizard King. This is a reversible vest, which was seeeew easy to make! I used a fun Springy plaid for the one side and a dark blue corduroy for the other side that I bougth cheap at Joann's! I highly recommend this vest to anyone looking for a simply sewing project to make your little guy some fun clothing. The best part about it is you get two vests in one! 

The last piece I made for Titus was his bowtie, from Little Londyn Patterns. I used a silky green fabric to match the plaid vest, which proved to be hard to work with! It turned out great and the pattern was awesome, but I would definitely be a little more careful with my fabric choice next time! The best part about the bowtie is that it uses such little fabric!!! I can’t wait to make him more!

I wanted to match Titus for Easter, but I just couldn't think of anything so make from the little fabric I had left from the vest project. I thought about a cool necklace, but I was still having a hard time visualizing my outfit. I was just going to wear something old from my closet, and I wasn’t excited about it! I wanted to wear SOMETHING handmade! Finally at on Saturday night before Easter, I whipped up a simple skirt using the leftover fabric from my mother-in-law’s tunic, using (once again) a tutorial from Dana MADE! Because it was so colorful, I had so many choices when it came to tops! I chose a purple shirt from Target that I’ve had for years, and added a mustard colored Pom Pom Bib Necklace I made a couple months ago, but hadn’t worn yet. (Learn how to make your own pom pom necklace HERE!)  My outfit turned out perfect and I felt so good in it! It was my first time making and wearing my own piece of clothing!

Maybe next year, I’ll make Tim a tie… and convince him to wear it! :P

Laura: I used all the same patterns that Mary Beth did for little guys' Easter outfit, minus the tie (I ran out of time to make one).  I went with a natural creme/tan linen material for my pants and vest.  I absolutely LOVE Dana's pattern for the pants.  I totally score here, because her son must be the exact same build as Cameron, these pants fit him perfectly!  I also lined his pants with a white cotton fabric since the linen was slightly see through.  I lined his vest with a fun boyish paisley cotton fabric and added faux pockets to the outside of the vest.  I loved the casual look of his Easter suit, and the shirt was  a sale from Children's place, and I like how the bright melon/orange color freshens up his whole outfit.  He was certainly proud to be wearing something homemade by mom!

My mom ended up buying a dress for Elissa this year, and I decided that would be great for Easter.  She gets plenty of other dresses anyways. HA!

What did you do for your family's Easter outfits this year?


Kaikai2meriPNG said... [Reply]

MB, I saw your Easter family pics on facebook and loved your outfit then! :) The necklace is so unique and feminine and it really ties it all together.

I am also loving the look of the linen outfit Laura. :)