Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Lovely Tunic Project!

So, a couple weeks ago, I completed the most involved, intimidating project I've ever worked on! My mother in law was going to Israel (and is currently there- I'm anxious for pics of her wearing it) and needed tops that were modest due to safety issues. I searched for ideas for simple peasant tops, but ended up finding this lovely Amy Butler Liverpool Tunic pattern from Necklets, an Etsy shop that had a great deal on the pattern! Although it was so intimidating to me, I jumped right in and found it to not be too hard! The pattern was well-written, understandable, and had lots of pictures! :)

Here are some pictures of the finished product. I wish they wouldn't turned out better! We should've taken them earlier in the day. But this will at least give you an idea!

I overcame many on my sewing fears and became a stronger person through it, plus I learned so many techniques (making a collar, button holing, french seams, etc). I seriously feel so much more capable as a seamstress and willing to try projects I would have avoided before! In my mind, the ultimate project would be a quilt! But that will be a project for way later, not because I'm scared, but because it would be a serious undertaking! 

I'm already ready to make more of these lovely tunics! I've had a couple people already ask about them, and I'm planning to make myself a cute tunic for this summer. Wouldn't it look adorable with some leggings and flip flops?!?

What's would be "ultimate" project to you? What's the most intimidating/hardest project you've ever completed?