Thursday, March 31, 2011

{WAR Int'l} Amazing stories, Changing lives!

We hope you had a chance yesterday to check out Women At Risk’s online shop of handmade items made by rescued and at-risk women. The next time you have gifts to buy, are looking for a piece of jewelry to go with that new dress, and especially at Christmas time, consider buying your gifts from The War Chest, and help women around the world survive, support themselves, and live with dignity!

There are so many ways WAR is helping fight human trafficking! They are partnering with so many programs and so many countries, not only to rescue women and children, but also to prevent the trafficking of precious lives as well as providing healing to those who’ve been rescued from their abuse! There are so many mind-blowing stories! We’ll be regularly sharing them with you along with the different programs that WAR is involved with and keeping you up to date on their ever-growing ministry!
Here is a current happening that was shared by them yesterday on Facebook: 600 women will be meeting in Bosnia this week celebrating the theme "Walking in Victory". WAR will be presented with the hope of establishing new relationships in this part of the world where human trafficking is rampant. 2 WAR volunteers, Sarah and Barb, would appreciate your prayers as they minister to these precious sisters, make new friends and establish connections where WAR can help bring light to dark places.

It’s so exciting to see their organization extend their arms to so many dark places around the world in so many ways. Here are a couple exciting stories from programs that WAR has:

Pearls of Hope: This program was designed as a way to “’rescue’ women before they become victims of human trafficking.” WAR partnered with a woman who owns a pearl shop in Thailand, and now sells her jewelry in the United States. This grew her business and now she employs other women who are at-risk of being trafficked. Some of their jewelry can be purchased online at The War Chest.

Emergency 911: We mentioned the story earlier this week of two-week old Elli being sold by her desperate mother to traffickers for $200. WAR’s partners rescued the baby and now she is adopted into a loving home. This story of hope is why the Emergency 911 program was started! There is a fund to raise money so that they have the “necessary resources beforehand for rescue attempts where there is imminent danger and no time to send a letter to raise the funds.” I think this is the program/fund that pulls at my heart the most, just thinking about those helpless little babies!
{To donate specifically to the Emergency 911 fund, go through the payment process on the donation page of WAR’s website. You will be given the option to donate to your choice of program.} 

These are just a couple of the amazing stories! We can’t possibly share all of them right now! However we are excited to highlight more on our blog in the future. But if you’re curious or just totally excited about the work WAR is doing, you can check out all the programs for yourself on their website. You also have the option to donate to a specific program if you feel especially burdened for one, or even donate “Where Most Needed.” So cool!

Tomorrow, we’ll be finishing off our WAR week with an exciting opportunity that Laura and I have the chance to be involved in, and how you can be involved in it too! :) We’d love to hear some feedback from you on all that we’ve shared here this week! It hasn’t been easy emotionally to sift through this horrific information, but we truly believe in what WAR is doing and that we can be a part of changing lives of women and children! So please share with us how you’re feeling about all this, as well! Thanks for bearing with us! :)

We got a hold of the video that we wanted you to see on Monday! Yay! In case you’re just joining us, or didn’t watch it earlier, it’s an introduction to Women At Risk, International and shares about human trafficking  {Click here to watch}