Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Giveaway - The Lucy Skirt!

{This Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all the entries! The winner will be announced sometime on Saturday 3/26. Good luck!}

I have been dying to show this to you.  I've literally had sleepless nights and been quite distracted all week long.  You know that The Blue Ladybug Children's Boutique carries the cutest clothes for your babies and toddlers.  We love the Brother Sister Sets for those special occasions, portraits and just everyday cuteness.  We've got accessories for sister's hair.  You can even match your dolly now.  And this week, we've got some stylin' new necessities for the babies in your life (since they wear a lot of bibs and you wear a lot of burp cloths those first, few adorable months).  But one thing that we've noticed as we've been sewing up all those adorable handmade items for our kids and yours, is that we...the moms....need a little handmade style as well.  Because we matter too.   Yes, the kids are most important, but they can look adorable with peanut butter and jelly smeared across their faces.   Moms, you need to feel beautiful on those days when you didn't get to shower, or there's spit up running down your shoulder.   Just because you became a mom, doesn't mean you lost your style.  You get to take on a whole new style.  And who better to understand what moms need than two moms? So brace yourselves, The Blue Ladybug is going to be offering a whole line of style for moms!!!!!

Are you jumping up and down yet???  Cause I am!  So the very first thing that we're bringing to our storefront for the moms is, The Lucy Skirt!   I love it!  It's relaxed, it's casual, it has these great and trendy little pockets to stash those hairbows, pacifiers, cars and bribery candy.  It's forgiving and twirly.  It's sweet and sassy.  And it flatters all styles.  Because we know that having babies = changing body shape, so our skirt is made with an elastic waist, to always fit you perfectly.   And the best part is, they match our brother sister sets! I love it!  You can always request a custom order if you have another of our dresses or shirts that you'd like to match. Be thinking Mother's Day, which isn't that far away! There isn't a more perfect time to wear these matching outfits with your kids!

The Lucy Skirt {for Mamas} in Bliss

The Lucy Skirt {for Mamas} in Roses 'n Cream

And to end our Birthday week, we're giving away a Lucy Skirt to one lucky mama!!!!  

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below stating what your favorite part of being a mom is.
Remember only one entry for this item.  
All giveaways this week will be open until  on Friday (tonight!). The winners will be announced on Saturday (tomorrow). US & Canada entries only.

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Donna said... [Reply]
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Qn2TsMom said... [Reply]

My most favorite thing about being a mom is when my little ones put there arms around my neck and say: I wub 'ew, Mommyyyy! Melts my heart every time!

12-arrows said... [Reply]

MY favorite part about being a mom is when my kids tell me they love me; from the youngest, 4, to the oldest 32; young or old, those words are music to my ears.

Kara said... [Reply]

My favorite thing about being a Mom is also the hardest...Shepherding my child's heart for God's glory. I firmly believe children learn what they see and live...I strive, and sometimes fail, but I hope my life is a reflection to Ethan of what a relationship with Christ is like. I find so much joy in hearing him say "amen" after we pray together, seeing his face light up when he sees his Bible or when we sing Sunday School songs together....I love watching my son learn about what is the most important in this life!

Kelly said... [Reply]

I'm going to say my favorite TIME being a mom is when I walk in the door after work and both my kids come running with huge smiles on their faces and say 'MOMMYYYYYYY' (well Ava does...Collin just laughs). It's the best part of my day and makes a long day turn into a great day!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My favorite thing about being a mom is the unconditional love that my children have for me. The hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Oh and I like the giggles and laughter too. I love the loud moments of joy and the quiet moments of contentment.

Katie @ the copper coconut said... [Reply]

Wow those are cute! I technically don't have a baby to hold yet, but my favorite thing about being a mom so far is to feel the sweet little kicks inside me!

erin said... [Reply]

My favorite part: Hugs, kisses and snuggle time with my little ones!!

Rebeka said... [Reply]

It is hard to explain what the best thing about being a mom. I could say many things about that. Two of the best things is seeing my daughter's exictement for church and when she comes up to me and says I love you mama. Being a mom is what I wanted as long as I remember and I cherish ever minute including the mentally exhausting moments where you can't wait for silent time at night. Being a mom is the best thing after marrying my husband.

Brandi said... [Reply]

My favorite part of being a mom is sharing in each of Rowan's daily discoveries. Some are exciting and fun for the whole family, like learning a new word, and some scare me to death, like the day Rowan figured out how to open the front door on his own. However each day is brand new and a chance to try and see and do things that haven't been tried yet; something my fantastic 2-next-week-year old son reminds me of multiple times a day.

randieliz2 said... [Reply]

the best part of being a mommy is watching my kids grow into people! when they accomplish somethung thats 'grown up' it beaks my heart that they arent babies anymore- but i also burst with pride thinking 'i taught him that!'
i love that im raising my children to be independant responsible and loving adults

Tim and Kate said... [Reply]

My favorite part of being a mom is when I have clearly taught my kids something. If we sing a new song or try a new bible verse one day and then the next they are doing it by themselves... I am just amazed at what they can retain!

mmarcil said... [Reply]

I love watching my kids learn! ;)

Jordan Harris said... [Reply]

One of my favorite parts of being a mom is snuggling with my little ones. They give the best hugs and kisses!

Connie said... [Reply]

I'm not a Mom, but I have been a substitute Mom. I have cared for children of other Moms. The best thing about children is watching them grow and develope, and remembering the funny little things they say.

I love these skirts, especially the one that has coral in it. The skirt is soooo... cute, looks very comfortable, and they are very colorful too.

prisellis said... [Reply]

It's hard to put into words what my favorite part of being a mom is... I never thought I could love more than I already loved, and having my little girl proved me wrong. I fall more in love everyday with her. One moment that I love more than the rest is when I finally get off of work, and get to pick her up. She's old enough now that she'll turn around when she hears me and just starts smiling and laughing. I can't wait to have her run to me or yell mommy, but the sweetness of her just smiling and not taking her eyes off of me melts my heart. I've learned within this past 10 months, there is nothing in this world better than being a mom.

Mckenzy said... [Reply] not a mom but i just LOVE this skirt! although when i do decide to have children i hope my most favorite thing is spending time with them. :D

Kaikai2meriPNG said... [Reply]

I'm not a mom, but some of the most meaningful moments I spent with mine were the hours after school. I'd come home and help her make dinner or sit on the counter and just talk on and on about my day. She loved listening to me and it meant a lot.

Thellie said... [Reply]

I'm not a mom yet, but I am a surrogate mom to many kids. One of my favorite parts of helping to raise kids is introducing them to music and seeing the joy they get from it.

Jen said... [Reply]

My favorite part of being a mom when you come home and your children rush to the door yelling "Mommy, mommy!" Like you've been gone forever and they are so happy to see you again.

Diane said... [Reply]

Now that I'm a grandma: watching my kids love god and love their wives and kids so well.

2welschenbachs said... [Reply]

my favorite thing about being a momma is hearing all the fun things that are on Evelyn's mind...i can't wait to see what is on Owens mind when he learns to talk :)

2welschenbachs said... [Reply]

sorry i did not see it was closed :) Good luck everyone!

Robin said... [Reply]

As a mom of adult children, I enjoy when they still want my advice or ask for help!