Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Giveaway - Birthday Cake Hairbow

{This Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all the entries! The winner will be announced sometime on Saturday 3/26. Good luck!}

Are you so excited for a week of giveaways?!?!  I am!  We're going all out for our birthday this year and doing a giveaway every day this week.  You can enter everyday, but only enter for each item once.  Today's giveaway is this super cute and sweet Birthday Cake Bow!  

To enter, leave a comment below about your favorite way to celebrate your birthday.
Remember only one entry for this item.  And don't forget to come back tomorrow for another giveaway on a brand new item to the shop! All giveways this week will be open until midnight on Friday. The winners will be announced on Saturday. US & Canada entries only.


Brandi said... [Reply]

My favorite birthday celebration is to have my choice of dinner with all my friends and family, followed by cold stone with my husband and son.

Brittney said... [Reply]

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to be pampered by my family, that is my "day off." :) No cooking or cleaning for me! My hubby takes over and the kids make me the greatest, most genius gifts from things around the house. Last year I got a fort hide out and we ate the home made cake inside :)

Kara said... [Reply]

My favorite way to spend my birthday is pretty simple....for the past 13 years, I have had a Betty Crocker Super Moist Rainbow Chip cake with Rainbow Chip makes me happy just thinking about it :)

Thellie said... [Reply]

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to get to spend time with friends. This year, my friend Wendi drove 4 hours to come to OKC to take me out to afternoon tea at the art museum and spend the rest of the day together before she had to drive 4 hours back home to pick up her kids from grandma's house.

Curt, Pam, Ryan and Carissa said... [Reply]

I enjoy getting together with my birthday buddies for a lunch out sometimes during my birthday week. On my birthday we go out to eat as a family, usually at my favorite restaraunt "Olive Garden".

Kelly said... [Reply]

My mom always makes dinner then mom, step-dad, grandparents, brother and niece, husband and kids, all go for dinner, cake and ice's great to not cook and enjoy my family :)

Tim and Kate said... [Reply]

We celebrate birthdays with cake and ice cream and lots of family around. Nothing over the top, just the people we love the most there to make it special!

Emily said... [Reply]

A day to do what I want...relax

Meredith said... [Reply]

My fav is to spend it with my hubby and sweet little girl, we eat a lot of chocolate cake! :)


nernin said... [Reply]

My favorite way to spend my birthday is at Walt Disney World!

Qn2TsMom said... [Reply]

My fav way to celebrate my b-day is a nice quiet dinner with my husband then cake and icecream at home with the whole family. Mmmm...Love me some cake!

randieliz2 said... [Reply]

our fav. bday celebration is a trip to disney world!
but since that isnt always an option- i personally love having a 'mommy' day then celebrating with my little family with dinner and cake in the evening

prisellis said... [Reply]

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday has always been to spend the day with my father, as our birthdays were so close. Our family would have a birthday dinner for us both and we'd have a cake half decorated for him, the other for me. It's a simple thing that has always meant the world to me. This year I get to carry on this tradition with my baby girl for her 1st birthday. I'm so excited to take the same photos I had with my father with her, and hopefully this will mean as much to her someday as it has meant to me.

Terri said... [Reply]

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to be with family!! I had the best birthday gift ever last year!! We brought our beautiful daughter home from China just two months before my birthday!!