Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Heart Ruffles

The Blue Ladybug is coming out with lots new things for you this fall.  We are so excited!   It's opening up a whole new world to us in sewing and new fabrics.   We think you're going to love it.

The first item to hit the web, is not necessarily a "fall" item.  But rather something that I have been waiting in anticipation to add to our shop for a while now.  For those of you with babies, you know the necessity of a diaper cover to be under the dress, or else you get a lovely shot of the diaper.  It just seems to ruin the whole effect.  So we decided it was time to make the Ruffled Diaper Cover.

I just love to see that sweet little bum all covered in ruffles!!!

So as you can see, these frilly little covers not only work under our dresses, but look absolutely adorable all by themselves.  They look awesome with a onesie or under a tutu for a really poofy effect.  

We ran outside for an impromptu little photo shoot here. 

And it just made for the sweetest little shots of her tushy!  I love these ruffles!
Can you just imagine your little girls next photo shoot.....her newborn shots, all curled up in a little ball with her little ruffled bum sticking up.  Or, your new crawler (which we are personally beginning to experience here), crawling away from you, with her little ruffles bouncing along behind her.  Or maybe your celebrating a first birthday!  These would look adorable her in birthday cake photos!

We love custom orders at The Blue Ladybug and we welcome your ideas to create the perfect ruffled cover for your little one.  Or maybe you'd like it without ruffles.  We can do that too.  Or, you'd like it to match one of our other dresses.  We'll gladly do that for you!