Monday, October 17, 2011

Moms Finding Balance- Guest Post// Krista @ Marmie Bags

Welcome to our blog series of guest posts from other business-owning moms, to encourage all you other entrepreneurial moms who either already have your own business or those of you who wish you did! We want to inspire you to follow your dream and give you tips along the way for balancing motherhood, your business/creative passions, and the rest of your life! We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, so that’s why we want to create a community of encouraging moms here on the Blue Ladybug Mamas blog!

We welcome Krista today who is a busy mom and business owner! I first connected with her through another blog, and I got the chance to chat with her on the phone about MOPS and get some ideas for crafts! She’s a very creative and resourceful woman, and so willing to share what she knows!

I am a Southern Peach living in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  I am a mother of three beautiful little girls who love helping me create things.  I like to consider myself a Domestic Goddess - lover of all home things which includes fashion, designing & decorating, gardening, cooking, thrift shopping, etc...  I own Ginger Magnolia Catering which has been such a fun and rewarding career, but then I started to dream about purses!  So, I listened to my subconscious and just started sewing one day.  I am loving the different creative outlets of my catering company and with my newest business, Marmie Bags.  I named the business after my wonderful mother who my children call "Marmie".  I love to mix old & new materials together with my purses to have that one of kind feature mixed with a simple yet elegant design.  I love vintage things and almost all my purses have at least one up-cycled ingredient.  

It is a challenge running two successful businesses, being a mother of three, wife, friend, daughter and so on.  Juggling is definitely a learned skill. The ability to multi-task is something that you have to acquire to keep up. But, there are many contributing factors that help me.

1)   I have a great support group of friends.

2) I have a husband who encourages me to be my own individual person which has been such a gift.

3) I listen to my body when it tells me I am tired, and I treat myself to all kinds of things from a new outfit at Pollux to a therapeutic reiki session.

4) And the most important – I pay or ask for help when I need it. Being a successful business owner has taught me the invaluable lesson of delegating.

I encourage everyone to follow their instincts and their dreams.  All things are possible, and there is always a way.  If you have a dream of creating a business of your own,  I recommend getting clear with your vision and remembering simple is always more.  I also highly believe in the power of brainstorming with people.   Every great business owner also knows when to ask for help so never feel like you have to do it all like they say it takes a village.

 Thanks, Krista! It’s sometimes hard to even think about passing things off to other people, but a support system is so important. And as moms, we need people in our lives who are willing to help us out! Alot of times we already have them, we just need to let them! :) Visit Krista online: Shop, Facebook, and email:
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