Monday, July 11, 2011

My new OLD sewing machine {pics}

So last week, I (along wtih Tim and Titus) walked over to a house in my neighborhood that was having an estate sale. Apparently, the old lady who lived there had died and her children were selling everything, including the house. Since I’ve actually never walked through a house for sale (as a married adult), I imagined what a young family like ours could do to an out-dated house like this. There were so many interesting features, and so much potential that I saw. As soon as I walked into the house, I noticed a side room off the main living area. I thought This would make a perfect craft room! And in fact it could have been one because for sale inside of it was boxes and boxes of fabric scraps, old sewing supplies and in one corner there was an old sewing machine. After we browsed through the whole house, we found out that everything the half off because it was the last day of the sale! My husband looked at me and said “Do you want that sewing machine? It’s half off.” So we bought it for $20, carried it through our backyards to our house! It was quite the feat for Tim with a semi-helpful pregnant wife and a toddler! Ha Ha

We set it up, plugged it in, and it works- even the light! Instead of a foot pedal, there’s a knee lever that pulls down. You press your leg against it and it starts sewing! Included, were old bobbins, an enormous button-holer, and the original instruction manual (among other supplies).

Instead of having a productive afternoon, I ended up spending a couple hours online researching the sewing machine! Oops! Oh well, I learned so many interesting things about it! What a piece of history! Found out that it’s a Kenmore 1948 Electric Rotary Sewing Machine. It’s from Sears-Roebuck and was manufactured by the White Sewing Machine Company. Although Sears has sold sewing machines since the late 1800s, they only sold one model in the 1940s because of WWII. So I was pretty excited to read that the model I have was the first (along with one other) model to be manufactured after WWII. Then I wondered if it was worth anything if I wanted to sell it to make some money off of it! Pretty much found out that its worth about what I paid for it, but I don’t mind! All the more reason to keep it! I love the look of it, and all the history it holds! Soooo, I think I might’ve caught the bug for collecting vintage sewing machines. I probably won’t because even though it probably wouldn't be an expensive hobby, they still take up space, and I honestly don’t need them! But my husband really likes it, and that just adds to my happiness! We’d love to always display the machine, but when the leaves are unfolded, it’s too long for the space! Oh well! The cool thing is that the spot I currently have it in (our entryway), is perfect as an entry table!

I hope to try out the machine soon! But I still need to figure out how to thread it, insert the bobbin (it seems like a chore because of the location), and OIL IT! Yea, the first page of the manual says you should oil it everyday! Whoa! Yea, this probably won’t become my everyday machine! Haha

Anyways, I love my new OLD machine! I love having a piece of history in my home and I’m already imagining passing it on one day to the daughter I’m imagining having this Christmas! Haha And because I’m more learned on vintage sewing machines, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more! (Don’t tell my husband!)

Do you own a vintage or antique sewing machine?? I want to hear about it!!!


Lauren said... [Reply]

LOVE it! And, you're right, it does look great in your entryway! Have fun with it.

Kaikai2meriPNG said... [Reply]

This is so cool MB! And it really looks great in the entryway. :) How fun!

Rebeka said... [Reply]

That almost looks like Grandma's old one. That is so neat.