Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guess which one of us is pregnant!?

So, The Blue Ladybug will be growing this Christmas!!! For those of you who don't already know, I (Mary Beth) will be having our second child, due at Christmas time! We are so excited! So I've been busy this past month figuring out a short list of things we will need for our family when the time comes- double stoller, extra freezer, toddler bed, more cloth diapers, etc... It's a little easier this time around because we've just recently done this, and have most everything we need. But the things on our short list also seem to be bigger items... And I'm so bad about getting out garage saling- I'm just hoping that the few people I've mentioned a few items to will come through for me! :) Otherwise, I'll just be going through Craigslist- which I also have never done!

Any recommendations or advice on double strollers, and kids sharing rooms? I need any help I can get!

I've been so fortunate that I, once again, have not been sick! However, I've been having more aversions to food, and to most cooking in general! Fast food has been my craving so far! Some food and smells have made me slightly queasy. After ruining my enjoyment for several regular dishes I make by forcing myself to eat them, I've started to plan our menu around what sounds good to ME. I know this sounds terribly selfish, but I'm finding that I'm eating better and feeling better about food too! (Don't worry, it's all stuff that my family likes too!) Tonight's dinner will be Chicken Noodle Soup, with enough leftover for tomorrow's lunch! Yum!

Titus sipping his smoothie! He loves these new treats!

 I've also been wanting more cold foods, probably because of the lack of smell most cold food produce, and they just seem to be more refreshing to me! My friend, Leah, of Priceless Memories, loves smoothies and suggested some of her own recipes to me! So the past two days, I've made Titus and myself smoothies for breakfast. I used her chocolate and strawberry recipe because it was so easy and had so few ingredients (2, to be exact!). She likes to use Silk, and I found chocolate soy milk at Aldi for 2.39! That made this healthy smoothie that much cheaper! I used frozen raspberries instead, because that's what I had on hand. SO delicious! Today I made another recipe she gave me using frozen mixed berries, juice, yogurt, and a banana. (Maybe she'll post that one someday!) I loved that as I was drinking this smoothies, I knew it was not just delicious, but also so healthy for me! I'm looking forward to trying more of her recipes, and finding out what ingredients I like best in smoothies! Leah just posted a recipe for a Mint Mojito smoothie that I've got to try! It's very pregnancy-friendly as it has lots of folic acid in it, but it's a sneaky way to get your kids to get some green veggies! Can't wait to make this one!
Check out Leah's Blog!

Who likes smoothies!? Have any good smoothie recipes for me to try?


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I have a whole book of them if you'd like to borrow it. :) We also have an extra double stroller. It's not the prettiest but I bet you could whip up a cover you like in no time! Let me know if there's anything else you need. I have quite a bit of my baby stuff left over still and other than the crib I'm trying to move it all out. :)
Santana Thomas

The Lockwoods said... [Reply]

I make smoothies everyday! We use the yogurt cup as the standard measurement for everything. One yogurt, one yogurt cup of juice. (I usually use pomegranate or cranberry.) Then we mix fruits. One of frozen strawberries, blueberries, about 10 peach slices. Sometimes a banana, frozen mango, or even pineapple. ALWAYS a handful or two of spinach leaves and about ten baby carrots. You don't even taste the veggies and they add lots more nutrients! Happy experimenting! (Sometimes we even add some vanilla protein powder for a "fuller" feeling...otherwise I'm hungry again too soon. :)

Tim and Kate said... [Reply]

Congrats on the new baby! I have two kids 15 months apart (and am due to have my 3rd in 3 weeks - who will be 15 months younger than my 2nd). My best advice for you, especially if the littles will be sharing a room... get them on the same schedule as soon as you can. It's so much easier on them (and you) if they nap at the same time and go to bed at the same time.