Monday, March 7, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday {Rainbow Theme}

It's MTM again, yay!

Muffin Tin Mom gave some theme suggestions for the month of March-
Dr. Seuss, Green, Rainbows, St. Patrick's Day, Spring

This week we did a Rainbow theme!

orange:carrots & canteloupe, red:jello jigglers, yellow:banana
white:turkey/pasta/cheese kabobs,green:peas,blue/purple:blueberries w/yogurt

This was so fun to come up with a multicolor lunch, plus there's so many healthy foods that are so many different colors! Way to go, God! He's the Ultimate when it comes to creativity! Titus loved this lunch... I think the most unpopular was the orange cup, which is weird. But when there's so many fun options, something's bound to get left out! He went to town on this muffin tin! :) I'm thinking about not using the silicone muffin cups for a while, because they're pretty distracting to him when he's eating. He picks them up and makes a mess... Anyone else have this issue with a young toddler? Contemplating reintroducing them when he gets a little older. For now maybe we'll just stick to a plain muffin tin.

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Did you make a Muffin Tin lunch this week? Wanna join us next week? Let us know! {We'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with green & shamrocks!}

{Join us tomorrow for our exciting first Naptime Craft-Along! Check out our sneak peek + supplies list so you'll be ready!}


Sandy said... [Reply]

Rainbow lunches are the best! Happy MTM!