Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boy Pants

We've been following along with the Celebrate the Boy blog series happening this month at Made and Made by Rae, with anticipation.  I was super duper overly excited when Dana posted the Kids Pants tutorial and pattern last week.  I have been making girls pants for a while now, but hadn't really thought about boys pants. I think the fabric selection for boys pants feel intimidating and I feared they would look strange. But after seeing the super awesome fabrics and style in the pants that Dana made for her son, I knew I had to try some for Cameron too!  

I scored big time, and the pattern she shared was a perfect fit for Cameron!  I find it very hard to find pants for Cameron, since he is tall and very skinny.  I love the adjustable pants available in most stores now days, but I usually have to adjust them sooooo much they look all bunchy and weird.  By making pants according to Cameron's measurements, he has a perfect fitting pair of pants.  And my favorite part, is that there are no snaps or zippers.  It's an elastic waistband, which gives him more independence during these potty training days...making mommy's life one step easier!  Hooray!

I used a denim material that I had laying around.  It's soft and comfy.  The coloring has a bit of a fun and funky  retro feel.  I can't wait to try many other fabrics, that I hadn't originally thought of for boys.  Not to mention, all the cute shorts I can make for summer now as well!

I think he really enjoyed his pants that "mommy made for him."

Such a boy....with cars always in his hands.
And when you try to encourage your preschooler to "model" for you...this is what you may get. 

Yup....all boy....

Elissa didn't want to feel left out today, so she wore her custom made  Blue Ladybug ruffled pants!

Even if you're not in the market for boys pants, check out all the other amazing crafts and boys clothing being featured all month long on Celebrate the Boy!