Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Moments & A Surpise Giveaway!!!

*Update: This Giveaway is now closed*

Oh. my. goodness.  My daughter's hair is getting sooo long!  This has got to be the most fun and anticipated moment in my life as the mother to a little girl....
 Yes, Elissa finally has her very first pigtails!!!  {insert "yippee"s and "woohoo"s}
It's so cute I can hardly stand it.

I was snapping photos like a crazy mom this morning.  I don't ever want to forget all this cuteness!

To celebrate , I'll be making mini korkers to go with Elissa's cute new hairstyle.   
Mini Korker Set
So many color choices!  I can't decide if I want solid colored korkers or cute mixed colors, like the above photo.  

And I want to give away a set to one you lucky readers too!!!  
Visit the link here to pick your favoite colors.

*Update: This Giveaway is now closed*
~ Tell me what colors you would choose for your Mini Korker Set in the comments below,
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Giveaway ends Saturday, January 22nd, in the evening.  Only eligible to those in the U.S.


Mia said... [Reply]

Love the mini corkers! I have a niece with the most adorable red hair and she just got her's into pigtails the other day for the first time as well! Would love to see her in purple and green, or pink and green, or pink and purple! What a fun surprise!

randieliz2 said... [Reply]

love the minis!i cant wait for my sweet babys hair to be long enough!
i think any combo of pink and purple would match 90% of our wardrobe.

Kelly said... [Reply]

I'm thinking about our vacation coming up so it puts me a warm weather mood...I like yellow, so pink and yellow or purple and yellow are great!

randieliz2 said... [Reply]

and i already like your fb

randieliz2 said... [Reply]

and i already follow your blog :)

LORI said... [Reply]

I cant wait for Alivia's hair to be long enough. My favorite colors would be pink, pink, and more pink! I love pink!!

Thellie said... [Reply]

She is too adorable with those baby piggies! Yay for growing hair to play with!

I think dark green with white and mint green would be my pick for a set of mini corkers.

First Year said... [Reply]

I would do something in blues :) I also already follow your blog and like you on facebook :)

LORI said... [Reply]

I liked you on FB:)

LORI said... [Reply]

and I follow your blog...very cute:)