Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long time no see...

Did you think we disappeared?
It's been awhile since we've posted on here.  My family has been battling sinus infections, and ear infections, and stomach flus.  You know, all the wonderful illnesses that come with the cold weather.   It's been quite a holiday season for us.  It was a challenge to finish Christmas orders and complete all my handmade gifts.  But we are finally feeling better this week.  Hooray!  So my New Years Resolution is to really get into the blog here.  I love sharing projects, ideas, funny stories and other thoughts.  I'm looking forward to lots of new and fun things with you all in 2011.  Marybeth and I are dividing and conquering in the business world here a bit.  I (Laura) will be taking on most of the blogging, with occasional posts from Marybeth.  And Marybeth has taken on our new newsletter.  Which, you will definitely want to receive, because there is a 10% coupon code inside for your next order from The Blue Ladybug or the Bowtique.  Just send us an email to  

So now I've been anxiously waiting to share with you our newest addition to the Brother Sister Sets.  You've seen our Black and White Damask Pillowcase dress, right?  Well we had quite a few customer order requests for a matching tie for this dress, so we decided it was time to make it part of the family.  Meet the classy and sophisticated Black and White Damask Brother Sister Set!

I love how the two black and white fabrics are different but look so great together!

And of course there is a matching bow!

Be watching for this brand new set to be listed on January 1st!!!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at and get 10% off on this newest set!

Be watching in the following weeks, as we've got some new fabrics coming our way to introduce to you this winter.