Friday, September 10, 2010

Cloth Diapering for a Modern Era?

Laura and I (the women behind The Blue Ladybug) are going to be working hard in the coming weeks to open up our lives and let you get to know us better! We each have a story that brought us to the place we are at now as working-at-home-moms! We have unique challenges and joys in our lives, but we also have found that we have alot in common. And it was those commonalities that drew us together to do this business!

We were pregnant at the same time and gave birth to our little ones just one day apart, without realizing how those two little lives would bring us together on this exciting journey of starting an online business! Not only did we both (separately) begin our future crafting careers by making cute things for our new babes, but we were both looking for ways to save money! And one huge way we did that was when we both discovered the wonderful world of modern cloth diapering! Here's the brief version of my decision to cloth diaper:

I was pregnant with my first, and was doing LOTS of online research on all things pregnancy and baby! When I first approached the subject to my husband, Tim, it was kindof jokingly. I had read of women still cloth diapering, but all we could think about was diaper pins and plastic covers that leaked everywhere. As I learned about all the benefits to cloth diapering and was encouraged my a friend of mine who also cloth diapered, Tim and I talked seriously about it. We were so impressed with how far cloth diapers had come from the days our parents and grandparents did it. We were primarily convinced based on the amount of money that we would save. We crunched the numbers and figured that we would save approx. $1200 in the 2 1/2 -3 years we would be diapering our first child. (Plus we figured we would also end up diapering two children at the same time eventually) But financial savings weren't the only factor that swayed us. They are also environmentally responsible! Environmental issues were never a real concern to me until I learned that billions of pounds of landfill waste are created every year just from disposable diapers alone! Cloth diapers are also healthier, with no risk of chemical reaction and less risk for diaper rash and dryness. Cloth diapers are also EASY- easy to use, easy to care for! Many of them are designed like disposables! Everything I do when changing a cloth diaper is the same as when I change a disposable. All that's different is I toss any solids into the toilet and then toss the used diaper in the diaper pail. When its time to wash them, I just take the pail liner downstairs to my washing machine and throw it all in! And I can't forget to mention how CUTE cloth diapers are! They come in a variety of colors and prints!
There are SO many different brands and styles of cloth diapers, but the ones we finally settled on and love are BumGenius made by Cotton Babies. (You'll have to hear from Laura about her experience with other Cotton Babies products.) So now I've been doing this for 8 months, and I'm loving it (if that's not too weird to say about diapering choices!). It's way easier than I thought it would be, it's saving a couple tons of landfill waste, and keeping a lot more money in our pockets!

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