Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New to the Shop: Burp Rag and Pacifier Clip Gift Sets

The Ladybug is growing.   We are always introducing new items to our little Etsy store.  The latest item we've just introduced is a burp rag and pacifier clip set.  The burp rag is a quality cloth diaper, that has a simple grosgrain ribbon appliquéd and stitched to bottom.  The ribbon matches the same ribbon used to make the pacifier clip.  And you can even find some of these ribbons, made into bows in our shop too.  What a perfect gift set.  If you have a baby shower coming up anytime soon, you'll want to keep these in mind.

From a mom's point of view, I love have fun, colorful burp rags.  Who wants just a boring ole' white one.  That's why I really love these burp rags.  They are just so adorable.  Now you can atleast be a little bit stylin' with that rag draped over your shoulder. :)

You can find all the newest Gift sets in our shop at The Blue Ladybug.